CUPRUM COIN is coming with over $30 Billion worth of underlying assets

What a fantastic last 4 weeks, in which we have ensured and contracted over $30 Billion worth of Copper Powder for the CUPRUM COIN. With this agreement, we have ensured a complete underlying asset for our max. supply of 300 million CUPRUM COINs and expand the project with more exciting ideas, which we will soon present. For sure, CUPRUM COIN will absolutely be one of the most valuable crypto projects ever. 

No matter of this agreement, we will start with already mentioned 30 million issued CUPRUM COINs, covered with a $3 Billion value on Stage 1.

Presale is coming soon, stay alert and follow our web, as the new one is coming in the next 2 weeks, which will include the Android and iOS Apps as well. On our new website, everything will be explained in details; technical side, Whitepaper, complete Team for a start, etc.

Special offer for Crypto Lovers

We have a special offer for crypto lovers and holders. For the first buyers of the CUPRUM COIN, we will offer a limited number of 20,000 coins for the price of $7.50 per 1 CUPRUM COIN. It will be available for purchase exclusively with BTC and ETH. The date, time and, the process will be published in the coming days.


Max. Supply: 300 Million CUPRUM COINs

Underlying assets value: $30 Billion

Ticker: CUPRUM

Emision Rate CUPRUM COIN:USD > 1:100

Stage 1: 30 Million CUPRUM COINs


Phase 1: 2 Million CUPRUM COINs per price of $10.00

Phase 2: 2 Million CUPRUM COINs per price of $15.00

Phase 3: 2 Million CUPRUM COINs per price of $20.00


9 Million CUPRUM COINs per price of $25.00

Stay tune,

CUPRUM COIN, The Cryptocurrency of the Future is coming soon!

Published by Mario Urlic

Professional commodity trader with 17 years of experience in various markets.