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CUPRUM Coin is a cryptocurrency with a specific physical underlying asset, an ultra-high purity nano Copper Powder. It is one of the most expensive elements in the world with end-consumers like the aerospace industry and partially medicine, but it is also used as a financial product due to its extreme and stable value. The world’s largest banks use it as collateral and as an investment instrument, which is not available on the open market. With our CUPRUM Coin, we create a Cu Powder marketplace by providing a blockchain-enabled trading platform.

For a start (Stage 1), we have analyzed, evaluated and stored in the security house in Switzerland ultrafine Cu Powder worth $1.0 billion.

CUPRUM Coin max. supply (Stage 1): 10.000.000

Emision rate CUPRUM Coin/USD: 1:100

All details and white paper coming during April/May. For more info about ultrafine and nano Copper Powders, please visit

Value propositions

The total number of coins produced will be all the time equivalent to the market value of the secured underlying ultra-fine and nano Cu Powder. It will ensure all investments are secured stores of value. By definition, the CUPRUM Coin is a stable coin, but it will have a dynamic price, not fix one.

Market diferentiator

Whereas currencies such as the U.S. dollar (USD) or the British Pound (GBP) rely on the backing of the central banks for value, control and legitimacy, cryptocurrencies rely only on the cryptographic integrity of the network itself. What makes a difference with CUPRUM Coin is the fact that, unlike other asset backed cryptocurrencies, it relies on the secured, less exposed to volatility risk and inflation, physical asset which is demanded in many industries of the future.

Coin of the future

Most of the cryptocurrency mining transactions boost energy consumption which comes from polluting sources, as they rely on a vast decentralized network of computers. Our intention is CUPRUM Coin marketplace to be the one where computing effort increase is limited, without mining options. As part of the company responsibility to the environment, we decided to dedicate the portion of profit to programmes and initiatives dealing with nature sustainability, environment safeguarding and conserving biodiversity.


To create a common ultrafine and nano Cu Powder marketplace by providing a blockchain enabled cryptocurrency trading platform with all time secured physical underlying asset.

Phases – CUPRUM Coin

Phase 1 – Presale

In the Presale, we will offer min. 15% of the Cuprum Coin at 15% of the asset value. That’s how the price per 1 coin will be $15.00. Presale should start during May 2021, the exact date and time we will announce by the end of April.

Phase 2 – ICO

In the ICO, we will offer additionally min. 20% of the Cuprum Coin at 25% of the asset value. That’s how the price per 1 coin will be $25.00. The ICO date is still not determinated, same as a marketplace. It will be announced after presale.

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Mario Urlić

Founder & CEO

Professional analyst & trader with a demonstrated history of working in the investment management industry for 17 years. Highly skilled in securities, currency exchange and commodities.

Darko Parun

Technical project advisor

C level executive, almost 30 years in ICT industry with a broad range of the high management positions (Board member, Group director) in multinational companies.

Stjepan Kalinić

Marketing coordinator

An experienced sell-side analyst for retail and institutional clients. Five years of experience as a Marketing Manager of the Croatian WTA tournament. Previously worked for a startup that launched a blockchain financial broker Spectre.

More Team members are coming in April/May

About the


Cuprum Coin d.o.o. (l.l.c.)

Dubrovnik, Croatia, EU. Registered on March 18. 2021.

Activity: Other financial service activities, except insurance and pension funds.

Registered detailed activities:

  • Providing exchange services between virtual currencies and fiat currencies
  • Providing custodian wallet services
  • Mediation in concluding deals on the currency exchange
  • Public information activity
  • Business consulting
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Cuprum Coin d.o.o. company is on the register of the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (HANFA). More info

Croatia crypto safety rank: 19th out of 249 countries. More info


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